John and Brough face swapped
John and Brough face swapped. Which is which?

Brough Perkins and John Topp are two friends who have embarked on an endeavour to establish meaningful communication with “the other side”.

Brough is a veteran psychic medium with mainstream media appearances and thousands of personal readings to his credit. John is an explorer of the zone between realities, through the media of synchronicities, dreams, paranormal technology experiments, music, and writing.

The two met in 2005 due to a series of synchronicities involving the number 22, experienced independently by both.

In fall of 2015, the pair attempted formal channeling sessions with a wise voice that had been making contact with Brough as he would wake up in the morning. Communication came through immediately and continued on a regular basis.

The entity, while not attached to a name, provided the label “Shiveya”, and explained that she, Brough, and John were part of an interconnected “soul system”. The group energy of this system allows the channelings to take place.

Shiveya speaks through Brough and engages in dialogue with John. John records, transcribes, and organizes the material into excerpts for online distribution, and is preparing the first book Connection for release in 2018. Material for a second book is already being gathered.

Shiveya Group is based in Toronto, Canada.